Leadership Programmes

Fast Track and Direct Entry Programmes

Direct Entry at Superintendent

The Direct Entry at Superintendent programme supports the National Policing Vision in helping to bring existing exceptional leaders into the police service to make an immediate impact on culture, efficiency and effectiveness. This is achieved through entry to the service to proven leaders who join policing directly at the rank of superintendent. 

Programme members are be trained over 18 months and given coaching and mentoring, to equip them with the skills required to perform as a superintendent inspiring confidence in officers, staff and the public. This has created a cohort that has the potential to further develop and acquire the skills and experience to progress to the chief officer ranks.

Direct Entry at Inspector

This second pathway enables future police leaders who have proven success as leaders in their previous careers to be trained using a mix of classroom and on-the-job learning, including operational rotations at both constable and sergeant rank. This enables them to gain the skills that are essential for them to lead and use their experience in a policing context. All programme members work alongside experienced officers and have dedicated mentors to help them achieve the necessary level.

Fast Track for Serving Constables

Offers a development programme and promotion mechanism to enable the most talented serving constables to advance to the rank of inspector within two years. This enables the service to develop a cadre of officers with the skills, experience and capacity to reach the senior ranks of the service, at least superintendent, to impact on and positively influence the management and culture of policing.

Fast Track and Direct Entry programme evaluation

An evaluation of the above leadership programmes was published in July 2020, evaluating the concept, benefits, delivery and communication of Fast Track and Direct Entry programmes.

The evaluation included survey responses and interviews with programme members, line managers, mentors and chief officers over a five year period from programme launch to June 2019.

The reports, which were independently peer-reviewed, found the schemes successfully prepared officers for the job, with some superintendents already promoted to more senior posts.

Following publication of the reports, we will be consulting with the service to understand the demand for future Fast Track and Direct Entry schemes, taking into account the cost and the diversity it brings to the service.