Direct Entry at Inspector

Recruitment for the Direct Entry Inspector programme has been paused for 2020 to allow us to deliver against other College and policing priorities, while consulting on the longer term future of the Direct Entry Programmes. The College of Policing will be asking the service about the long term future of the Fast Track and Direct Entry Programmes in light of our findings from our 5 year evaluation.

We work in partnership with participating police forces across England and Wales to recruit proven leaders onto our Direct Entry programme. The Direct Entry Inspector programme opens up the police service to professionals who will bring proven leadership from diverse backgrounds and different experiences from other sectors to support the continuous development of policing. The 24-month development programme offers the training and support you need to make the transition from your current role as a middle-management level leader to an operational police leader and forge a new career in the police service. 

Direct Entry Inspector is for exceptional individuals with proven, successful leadership and management skills who want a new, challenging and rewarding career. The two year programme has been designed to deliver robust and comprehensive training to translate your existing skills into a policing context and ensure that, on completion, you will be a highly competent, uniformed operational Inspector able to make a positive impact on policing and your community.

Direct Entry Inspector is a fantastic opportunity for those with high degree of experience in the workplace. This is a chance to use your skills and talent to help make an impact on policing, the local community and wider society in a way you never thought possible, as well as gain real policing skills in a prestigious management career. 


While the focus of this programme is to attract individuals with exceptional leadership skills from outside policing, it is essential that you meet the same eligibility criteria required of anyone else who joins the police service. These criteria include checks into your finances, previous criminal convictions, fitness and membership of political groups.

We typically expect candidates to have a level 6/7 qualification but will also consider applicants that can demonstrate equivalent level experience.

You should consult your selected employing Force's website to learn about any Force specific eligibility requirements and process stages prior to applying. 

Direct Entry Inspector Handbook