Direct Entry Programme

We have introduced Direct Entry points into the police service at the ranks of Inspector and Superintendent.

The Direct Entry Inspector and Superintendent training and development programmes are a fundamental and crucial change to bring new perspectives, skills and experience into the police service to deliver a service which is professional, efficient and capable of dealing with the growing pressures of today and beyond.

We are working in partnership with police forces across England and Wales to recruit proven leaders onto our Direct Entry programmes, who can bring new ideas and thinking into the police service.

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The Direct Entry programme supports the National Policing Vision in helping to bring existing exceptional leaders into the police service to make an immediate impact on culture, efficiency and effectiveness. This will be achieved by opening up entry to the service to proven leaders who will join policing directly at the rank of Superintendent and Inspector rather than having to work their way up from the rank of constable.

Programme members will be trained over 18-24 months depending on the programme choice and given coaching and mentoring, to equip them with the skills required inspiring confidence in officers, staff and the public. This will create a cohort that has the potential to further develop and acquire the skills and experience to progress to the chief officer ranks.

Some forces are recruiting for people to join a detective pathway which will culminate in being fully trained as a detective constable. Whilst this is fully supported by the College this is not associated to or part of the College of Policing's Direct Entry Programme. Further details can be found through individual force websites.