The application process

The application window for the 2019 Direct Entry Superintendent programme has now closed.

The Direct Entry Superintendent programme offers an opportunity for exceptional individuals to join the police at a very senior and prestigious rank. The programme is designed to deliver robust, comprehensive training and exposure to policing to ensure that, upon completion, members are able to competently fulfil the role of an operational Superintendent.

During the 18-month programme candidates will receive all the training and support needed to become a competent operational superintendent. Candidates will gain first-hand experience of the different ranks, up to and including superintendent, with support and guidance every step of the way. By the end of the programme they will be able to tackle every challenge, lead teams with focus and vision, and make tough decisions with confidence, tact and agility.

The first stage of the process is to complete the online application form which you can find on the Direct Entry site

You will be required to demonstrate the relevant competencies for the programme in your application. Help and guidance on completing competency-based application forms can be found on the Lead Beyond website.

All completed applications will then be sifted by participating Forces'  teams of recruitment specialists and those who are successful at the application sift/force interview stage will be recommended for attendance at the National Assessment Centre  to further demonstrate their skills against the competencies for the programme. 

 The Direct Entry (Superintendent) National Assessment Centre, is being held between 14 June and 16 June 2019.

Candidates who are successful at the National Assessment Centre will then be considered by their chosen force for appointment

Assessment Centre Details

At the National Assessment Centre, you will be assessed by a number of different assessors. All assessors are appropriately trained in the principles and skills associated with the objective and fair assessment of others. Assessors also receive training in the specific exercises used at the assessment centre. Assessor teams are made up of a mixture of service assessors (from a force in the United Kingdom) and external assessors from outside of policing.

More information on the application process, eligibility criteria and assessment structure can be found on the Lead Beyond website.

How do you determine whether I am successful?

Once the assessment has finished, your overall performance is considered. Candidates who reach the requisite standard will be recommended to go on to the Direct Entry Superintendent programme.

Recommended candidates will then be matched to forces based on their initial choice, as far as possible. Forces will then decide which of the recommended candidates they wish to offer places to. Forces may decide to conduct interviews or a further selection stage at this point before offering places to candidates.

2019 Direct Entry (Superintendent) National Assessment Centre Documentation

All documents in relation to the assessment centre will be published on this page.  Please visit this page regularly to check for 2019 updates which will be supplied as and when we have concluded each design process.